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NTT DATA awarded for technical assistance in the development and implementation of the CertiDigital EDC Software Platform

March 23, 2023

On 02/27/2023, the resolution of definitive award of the Technical Assistance Service in the development and start-up of the CertiDigital EDC Software Platform has been published, to the company NTT DATA, for an amount of € 930,050.

NTT DATA has proven experience in the field of qualifications, competencies and credentials at European level, including the development, implementation and maintenance of frameworks for the management and issuance of digital micro-credentials. In particular, NTT DATA has been part of the implementation of the “European Digital Credentials for Learning” ecosystem, for the European Commission, which enables the elimination of barriers and allows students and citizens to develop their full educational and professional potential. In addition, this system forms the basis on which CertiDigital EDC will be implemented.

The Universities participating in CertiDigital will coordinate their efforts with the Company in this important challenge and responsibility of implementing the Digital Credentials Service for the Spanish University System.

The project now enters the implementation phase of the solution, hoping that it will be implemented in pilot mode before the end of 2023, progressively incorporating into the platform the contents that each University designates.

All the documentation related to the tender for the contracting of this technical assistance for the development and implementation of the new CertiDigital EDC platform can be consulted in the Public Sector Contracting Platform.

About CertiDigital: is a collaborative interuniversity project in which 23 partner universities participate and which is funded by the EU within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. (BOE 179, RD 641/2021) and NextGen EU funds. The objective of the project is the creation of the necessary infrastructures that allow the Spanish University System (SUE) to issue digital credentials aligned with the ongoing initiatives of the European Commission EDC (European Digital Credentials for Learning) and EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure).