Asistencia técnica

Technical assistance for the development and implementation of the new CertiDigital EDC platform

October 4, 2022

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has published a joint tender, in collaboration with the coordinating universities of the project: Castilla La Mancha, Murcia, Rovira i Virgili, Granada and Oviedo, for technical assistance for the development and implementation of the CertiDigital EDC software platform. The objective is to create a new multi-tenant platform for issuing and consulting digital EDC credentials, including its parameterisation and implementation in an integrated way with the different systems of the partner universities of the project.

The services required for this technical assistance include the operation, exploitation, maintenance, updating and technical support of the CertiDigital EDC software platform, for at least 12 months from the time it goes into production. Also requested is the development of agile management services, implementation consultancy, training and change management of university staff and of the educational, administrative and IT processes involved in the use cases for the issuing of digital educational credentials that are being prepared by the various partner universities of the project.

About the new CertiDigital EDC platform

European Digital Credentials for Learning (EDC) currently provides a complete tool for the design, signing and issuing of digital credentials: the Online Credential Builder web application available on the Europass platform. This tool models in a very concise way all the features included in the European Learning Model (ELM), a data model for the design of digital credentials. However, to date, this tool is not designed for use within a large and complex organization such as a university. Therefore, a number of essential modifications or enhancements are required for this environment.

The software development of the new CertiDigital EDC platform is based on the Online Credencial Builder application, whose source code has been released in open-source mode. under EUPL 1.2 license. This technical assistance will allow the web application provided by EDC to evolve and modify it with new functionalities and improvements focused on deployment and automated operation in a university environment. The result will be a tool with which a university staff user will be able to interact, with the corresponding permissions and authorisations, in order to issue the digital credentials.

The results will be publicly available, the code will be licensed as open-source software under EUPL 1.2 and the documentation will be distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license. The final objective of the project is the deployment of a digital credential issuing service from a public infrastructure for the entire Spanish university system.

All the documentation relating to the tender for the contracting of this technical assistance to support the development of the new CertiDigital EDC platform can be consulted on the Spanish Public Sector Procurement Platform.