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Training session: How to design a university digital credential with EDC Online Builder

October 3, 2022

The CertiDigital: Use cases for university digital credentials face-to-face workshop held in Madrid last June represented a major step forward in the project both in terms of understanding the technologies involved and the intrinsic complexity of the use cases and their change management. One of the learning needs identified by the participants at the meeting was a practical workshop to familiarize them with the European Digital Credentials for Learning (EDC) technology.

Taking into account this proposal, the Coordination Committee of the project has organized an online training session that will take place next Wednesday 26th October from 10.00h to 12.00h. The session will be given by Lluís Ariño from the Rovira i Virgili University, and is addressed to the CertiDigital EDC use cases work teams of all the partner universities participating in the project.

The aim of this session is to reflect on how we are going to design our digital university credentials. For this purpose, a demonstration will be made on the EDC Online Credential Builder tool in the Europass platform. Remember that the CertiDigital project will develop its own interface with multiple functionalities adapted to the Spanish University System, while the infrastructure under this development will continue to be the EDC standard.

The session will be held in online format. The programme is detailed below:

10:00 Greetings from the coordinating universities and update on the status of the project.
10:10 How to design digital university credentials in EDC Online Credential Builder.
11:30 Round of questions and common reflections.
11:45 Summary of requirements to be able to issue an EDC credential from my university.
11:50 Contributions of the new CertiDigital EDC platform on the current Online Builder.
11:55 Farewell and next meeting.

Participation in this session is aimed at people with educational, administrative and technical-computer profiles that are part of the CertiDigital EDC use cases in the different partner universities. Participants will receive a digital credential of attendance by email which can be imported into the Europass platform. Prior registration is required through the form sent by invitation.