The CertiDigital Conference “Cases of use of University Digital Credentials” will be held on June 21 in Madrid

May 27, 2022

CertiDigital is a project aimed at creating a digital certification service for the Spanish University System, as well as the practical implementation of pilot use cases that allow validating and improving the initial design. Let us remember that CertiDigital, as an initiative of the UniDigital program, is aimed at the Digital Transformation of Spanish universities, and in this sense, the project has two key components:

  1. A cutting-edge technological development for the generation of university digital credentials and aligned with the European EDC and EBSI standards, led by the project’s Technical Committee and which will have expert support.
  1. An identification and transformation of the educational, academic and administrative processes related to the issuance and consumption of credentials in the university environment that will impact the internal functioning of each university at various levels.

The definition and implementation of pilot CertiDigital Use Cases that will be carried out in all the universities participating in the project has to do with this second key component. Supporting and promoting these internal processes in universities, from a culture of collaboration and mutual support, is a priority for the Coordination Committee and the Technical Committee of the CertiDigital project.


  • Inform the partner universities about the status of the CertiDigital project and the technical-educational-administrative knowledge necessary to carry it out.
  • Support partner universities in the definition and planning of their CertiDigital EDC implementation Use Cases.
  • Generate and strengthen alliances and groupings of universities based on common technical, educational and/or administrative elements.
  • Promote and facilitate reflection, active participation and a culture of collaboration between the participating universities and their respective work teams.


10:00 Reception of attendees.

10:15 Presentation of the Conference from the Coordination Committee and the Technical Committee.

10:30 Functionalities, services and integrations that CertiDigital EDC will offer.

11:15 Digital Credential Design Experiences with Henri Pirkkalainen (in English)

12:00 Coffee Break

12:30 Pilot experiences of implementing digital credentials with Jenny de Werk (online, in English)

13:15 Work in groups on Pilot Cases of use of CertiDigital EDC* (part I)

14:00 Lunch Break

15:00 Work in groups on Pilot Cases of use of CertiDigital EDC (part II)

16:30 Presentation of the conclusions of the working groups and feedback.

17:30 Closing of the day: celebration, agreements and next steps.

18:00 End of the Day.

*The practical sessions related to CertiDigital EDC Use Cases will take as a starting point the previous work carried out and delivered through the CertiDigital Course hosted on the UC3M Extension platform based on OpenEdX.


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo

Room -1.A.0.1

Ronda de Toledo, 1

28005 Madrid

How to get


Participation in this session is restricted to people with academic, administrative and technical leadership of the cases of use of digital credentials in the different partner universities. Prior registration is required through the form sent by invitation before June 10.

For any questions related to this event, please contact us through our email box