Sesión online de Actualización y Próximos pasos del proyecto CertiDigital

Online session of Update and Next steps in the CertiDigital project

April 20, 2022

These first months of the CertiDigital project have involved intense technical and academic coordination that is beginning to bear fruit. The Technical Committee has been generating basic knowledge about digital credentials under the European Digital Credentials (EDC) technology, as well as a detailed study of the information flows and processes in university degrees, staff training and other possible scenarios of application of digital credentials in the Spanish University System.

Thus, next Tuesday, May 10, we will hold an Update and Next Steps session of the CertiDigital project, addressed to all the partner universities that participate in the project. The objective of this session is twofold. On the one hand, to inform about the Status of the Project with all partner universities. And on the other hand, to value and share the knowledge generated by the Technical Committee of the project during the process of preparing the first technical-administrative specifications.

The session will be held online.

Session Schedule

  • 10:00 Greeting from Coordinating Universities
  • 10:10 Presentation of the Technical Committee on the Status of the Project
  • 10.40 The life cycle of the University Digital Credential and its integration in the Academic Flow
  • 11:40 Summary of proposed Use Cases and recommendations.
  • 12:00 Questions

Participation in this session is restricted to people with academic leadership and technical managers in the different partner universities. Prior registration is required through the form sent by invitation.