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The documentation generated by the project is available in Open edX

January 31, 2022

CertiDigital is an innovative project that will generate knowledge based on the experiences of identifying needs, the design of requirements and architecture of new systems and the implementation of digital micro-credentials pilots in Spanish universities. This is a living knowledge that will grow with the project.

For this reason, we have created a space for documentation, self-training and exchange where we will publish the knowledge generated by the project in its various phases. The multidisciplinary teams of the 23 partner universities of the project will have access to it, after requesting a username and password.

The open source platform chosen for this purpose is Open edX, in its version installed and maintained at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid for extension courses:

The CertiDigital course in Open edX will make available to the teams, among others:

  • Video-recordings of the project’s briefings and internal training sessions.
  • Materials such as presentations, reports and complementary bibliography.
  • Modeling and use cases for software design elaborated by the Technical Committee.
  • Templates and working documents to be submitted and reviewed.
  • Technical-administrative documentation.
  • Supplementary materials on digital credentials.

You can now access the recordings and materials shared at the Kick-Off session held on January 13.