Jornadas Certidigital Oviedo junio 2023

III CertiDigital Conference: “Implementing digital credentials with ELM in EDC and EBSI” – Oviedo

June 5, 2023

The face-to-face sessions of the CertiDigital project are a key space for meeting, exchange and active collaboration between the various professional profiles of the 23 partner universities. The scheduled sessions allow to deepen the theoretical frameworks and the technologies involved, as well as to align visions, strategies and actions around the common objectives of the project.

The University of Oviedo organizes the III CertiDigital Conference “Implementing digital credentials with ELM in EDC and EBSI” that will take place on June 20 and 21 in the Historic Building of the University of Oviedo. The event will be an important boost to the understanding and identification of the impact of the CertiDigital project on the educational, organizational and technological processes inherent to the proper functioning of our universities.

The objectives we want to achieve with the celebration of this event are the following:

  1. Deepen concepts and practices related to the design of digital credentials based on the ELM standard (v3).
  2. Support partner universities in the definition of their EDC credentials, derived from the CertiDigital Use Cases.
  3. Deepen the functionality and examples of interaction through verifiable EBSI digital credentials.
  4. Presentation of the services required in the specifications for CertiDigital EBSI.
  5. Promote and facilitate reflection, active participation and a culture of collaboration between the participating universities and their respective work teams.

The event, of face-to-face nature, has the following program:

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

15.00 Registration and access of participants

15.30 Welcome to the III CertiDigital Conference in Oviedo. The macro-organization and the CertiDigital project status

Mr. Secundino González Pérez, University of Oviedo

Mr. Carlos Delgado Kloos, Carlos III University of Madrid

16.00 The European ELM v3 learning model (overview, news and roadmap)

Laura Poblete– Consultora CertiDigital – NTT Data

Ildiko Mazar – Knowledge Leader – NTT Data

Queralt Gutierrez Calatayud – Knowledge Leader – NTT Data

16.45 CertiDigital’s contribution to ELM

F. Javier Villaverde – CertiDigital Project Manager – NTT Data

17.00 Coffee break

17.30 Practical workshop in working groups: Implementing our credentials digital in the ELM model.

Laura Poblete – Consultora CertiDigital – NTT Data

F. Javier Villaverde – CertiDigital Project Manager – NTT Data

19.00 How do we automate what we have designed? Brief Introduction

F. Javier Villaverde – CertiDigital Project Manager – NTT Data

19:15 Closing of the 1st Day by the Coordination Committee

19.30 Final of the 1st Day

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

09.30 Services and Projects from RedIRIS for the Universities

José María Fontanillo, Resp. Middleware area – RedIRIS

10.00 Verifiable digital credentials. The EBSI model and CertiDigital. Introduction and examples of use and user interaction

Lluís Ariño, Digital Strategist. Rovira i Virgili University

11.00 CertiDigital and EBSI. Required Development Services

Jose Francisco Hidalgo, Resp. TIC. University of Murcia

11.45 Coffee break

12.15 Round table: the move from the pilot to the production of digital credentials in the Spanish Universitary System

Moderator: Vicente García Díaz, University of Oviedo

Participants: Javier Trujillo, University of Salamanca, Micael Gallego, Rey Juan Carlos University, Norberto Ramos, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University, Sonia María Seijas, University of A Coruña

13:30 Closure of the Conference

Joan Subirats, H.E. Minister of Universities, Government of Spain

Ignacio Villaverde Menéndez, Rector of the University of Oviedo

14:00 End of the Conference

The event requires prior registration through the email received by the project participants.

The Conference will take place at the University of Oviedo / Historical Building:

C/ San Francisco, 3

33003 -Oviedo, Asturias

Participation in this Conference is aimed especially at people with educational, administrative and technical-computer profiles of the use cases of digital credentials in the different partner universities of the CertiDigital project. Pre-registration is required via the invitation-only link.

We encourage you to register, book your agendas and participate actively, because in this session we will be commenting on very relevant issues for the successful achievement of the project.