Coordinating universities explain the keys to the CertiDigital project

July 22, 2022

CertiDigital is a collaborative inter-university project formed by more than twenty Spanish universities. The project is managed by the coordinating universities (Carlos III de Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Granada, Murcia, Oviedo and Rovira i Virgili) through a Coordination Committee formed by representatives of these institutions, appointed by the Rector Magnificent of their respective universities.

Among the functions of the Coordination Committee are the following:

  • Define the implementation phases of the CertiDigital project, including milestones and main results.
  • Define and group the use cases to be implemented in CertiDigital based on the interests of the coordinating universities and partner universities.
  • Manage the CertiDigital project funds, including the subcontracting of companies that provide technical and logistical support to the project.
  • Adopt those decisions that are appropriate for the proper development and implementation of the project.
  • Promote strategic alliances with similar European initiatives.
  • To manage the communication between the Ministry of Universities and CertiDigital partner universities.
  • Define the sustainability models of the project after its completion through communication with RedIRIS.

Due to the technological complexity of the CertiDigital project, there is also a Technical Committee, formed by IT managers of the coordinating universities. The Technical Committee is in charge of defining in more detail and precision all the technical aspects of this project and to be able to transfer more directly to the development teams the key decisions about technologies and data models to be used. Also the Technical Committee, from its previous experience, facilitates the deployment of the different use cases of issuance and consumption of digital credentials proposed by the set of partner universities.

In this video are representatives of the Coordination and Technical Committees of the CertiDigital project. The protagonists of the project explain its key elements: objectives and challenges, governance and funding, collaboration and infrastructure, technologies and educational standards. Speakers in the video are:

  • Carlos Delgado Kloos from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, member of the CertiDigital Coordination Committee.

  • Begoña del Pino from Universidad de Granada, member of the Coordination Committee of CertiDigital.

  • Antonio Ruiz Martínez from Universidad de Murcia, member of the Technical Committee of CertiDigital.

  • Andrés Prado Domínguez from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, member of the Technical Committee of CertiDigital.

To learn more about how the project works, access the CertiDigital Brochure and watch our video on Use Cases for University Digital Credentials.